STANDS4 Web Services:

Abbreviations API

The Abbrevations API from STANDS4 enables you to get classified acronyms and abbreviations content for a given term. Use the Abbreviations REST API to customize your request with parameters such as category id, sort by, search type or a combination of any of them.

Request URL:

Request parameters:

Parameter Value Required Default Description
uid string Y  

Your API user id

tokenid string Y  

Your valid developer token id

term string Y  

The term you would like to search for

categoryid string   all

The category to search in (e.g. 'MEDICAL')

sortby character   p

The order in which the results will be returned. Use one of the following values:

  • p - for popularity;
  • a - for alphabetically; or
  • c - for category
searchtype character   e

The search type to perform. Use one of the following values:

  • e - for exact match; or
  • r - for reverse lookup

Sample request URL:

Response elements:

Element Description

Contains all of the query responses


Contains each individual response


The term this result is referring to


The definition that was found for this term


The category that this definition belongs to

Sample response:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <definition>As Soon As Possible</definition>
        <definition>As Soon As Possible</definition>

Want to use this service?

The Abbreviations API service is free to use for up to 100 queries per day.

For a premium commercial license, please contact us.

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