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SGLSubsidiary General Ledger    
SGMStandard Gross Margin    
SHDFSocial Rehabilitation and Development Fund    
SIASociety of Insurance Accountants    
SIASStatements on Internal Auditing Standards    
SICSeverely Indebted Category    
SIDBISmall Industries Development Bank of India    
SIOSurety Information Office    
SIPSales Inventory Purchase    
SIRStatistical Inventory Reconciliation    
SIVStructured Investment Vehicle    
SKOStanding Kill Order    
SKRSafekeeping Receipts    
SKrSwedish Kroner    
SKUStock Keeping Unit    
SLACShipper's Load And Count    
SLAMSuper Low Administrative Mortgage    
SLCSight Letter of Credit    
SLRStatutory Liquidity Ratio    
SMASeparately Managed Account    
SMASpecial Memorandum Account    
SMARTSystematic Mortgage Amortization Reduction Technology    
SMASStatements of Standards for Management Advisory Services    
SMESmall or Medium Enterprise    

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