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Aircraft & Aviation Abbreviations

Browse 2,355 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Aircraft & Aviation terminology and jargon.

-UALUnited AirlinesRate it:
474New Airliner/Canceled from Drawing Boards:Rate it:
54KAir-Mileage between Paris and Burgundy in KilometersRate it:
656Aeroflot AirplaneRate it:
7O7Commercial Aviation Aircraft Model NumberRate it:
90KNinety King AirRate it:
AA-checkRate it:
A & PAirframe & PowerplantRate it:
A&EAircraft and EngineRate it:
A&PAirframe & PowerplantRate it:
A&PAir frame and Power plantRate it:
A/CAircraftRate it:
A/DAeroDromeRate it:
A/DAnalog / DigitalRate it:
A/FDAirport / Facility DirectoryRate it:
A/GAir to GroundRate it:
A/PAirportRate it:
A/PAutoPilotRate it:
A/PAirplaneRate it:
A/TAutothrottleRate it:
A/THRAutothrustRate it:
A2GAir to GroundRate it:
AAAction AuthorizationRate it:
AAAnti-AirRate it:
AAATriple-A MeterRate it:

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