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Aircraft & Aviation Abbreviations

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AOSAircraft Operations SpecificationsRate it:
AOSCAircraft Operator Security CoordinatorRate it:
AOSSPAircraft Operator Standard Security ProgramRate it:
AOVAft Outflow ValveRate it:
APAirPortRate it:
APAutopilotRate it:
APACSAircraft And Personnel Automated Clearance SystemsRate it:
APACSAircraft and Personnel Automated Clearance SystemRate it:
APASAsia Pacific Aircraft StorageRate it:
APATSAsia Pacific Aviation Training SymposiumRate it:
APBAuxiliary Power BreakerRate it:
APBAft Pressure BulkheadRate it:
APBAPU BreakerRate it:
APCArmoured Personnel CarrierRate it:
APCMAircraft post crash managementRate it:
APEDAirborne Portable Electronic DevicesRate it:
APGAircraft Performance GroupRate it:
APHFAssociation des Pilotes Hélicoptère du FinistèreRate it:
APIApplication Program InterfaceRate it:
APIPAircraft Production Inspection ProgramRate it:
APISApproved Production Inspection SystemRate it:
APLMSAdvanced Power Load Management SystemRate it:
APMAirplane Personality ModuleRate it:
APMEngine Parts MonitoringRate it:
APPApproachRate it:

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