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AVMAirborne Vibration Monitor    
AVSAft Vented Step    
BFCSBack-up Flight Control System    
BITDBasic Instrument Training Device    
BOWBasic Operational Weight    
BRAFBRaking Action Fair    
BRAGBRaking Action Good    
BRANBRaking Action Nil    
BRAPBRaking Action Poor    
BRATBi-Range Airborne Transport    
BROBBasic Resources On Board    
CCargo/Transport aircraft    
CCoast Guard (military aircraft prefix)    
CAASCommon Avionics Architecture System    
CAMCarrier Aircraft Modification    
CAMContinued Airworthiness Manager    
CAMCCanadian Aviation Maintenance Council    
CARCivil Aviation Requirements    
CASCalibrated Air Speed    
CASBCanadian Aviation Safety Board    
CASRCivil Aviation Safety Regulation    
CASTChina Aerospace Science and Technology    
CATSACanadian Air Transport Security Authority    
CAVOKCeiling And Visibility OKay    
CCPMCollective Cyclic Pitch Mixing    

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