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Airport Codes Abbreviations

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ZLWZWuzhong, ChinaRate it:
ZLXGXian Xiguan Airport, ChinaRate it:
ZLXNXining, ChinaRate it:
ZLYAYan An, ChinaRate it:
ZLYLYulin, ChinaRate it:
ZMAHArvaikheer, MongoliaRate it:
ZMATAltai, MongoliaRate it:
ZMBDBinder, MongoliaRate it:
ZMBHBayankhongor, MongoliaRate it:
ZMBNBulgan, MongoliaRate it:
ZMBRBulgatai Resort, MongoliaRate it:
ZMBSBulgan Sum, MongoliaRate it:
ZMBUBaruun-Urt, MongoliaRate it:
ZMCDChoibalsan, MongoliaRate it:
ZMDSena Madureira, AC, BrazilRate it:
ZMMZamora, MexicoRate it:
ZMRMeran, ItalyRate it:
ZMSHSainshand, MongoliaRate it:
ZMTMasset, British Columbia, CanadaRate it:
ZMUBUlan Bator Buyant-Ukhaa, MongoliaRate it:
ZNAHarbor Airport, Nanaimo, British Columbia, CanadaRate it:
ZNCNyac, Alaska USARate it:
ZNDZinder, NigerRate it:
ZNENewman, Western Australia, AustraliaRate it:
ZNGNegginan, Manitoba, CanadaRate it:

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