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AMEX Symbols Abbreviations

Browse 904 acronyms and abbreviations related to the AMEX Symbols terminology and jargon.

BFDBostonFed Bancorp, Inc.Rate it:
BFXB F X Hospitality Group, Inc.Rate it:
BGOBema Gold CorporationRate it:
BHBBar Harbor BanksharesRate it:
BHCB H C Communications, Inc.Rate it:
BHOB & H Ocean Carriers, LTD.Rate it:
BINSames CorporationRate it:
BIOABio-Amber, IncorporatedRate it:
BIOBBio Radiation Labs, Incorporated Class B (de-listed)Rate it:
BISBarrister Information Systems CompanyRate it:
BKCAmerican Bank of Waterbury ConnecticutRate it:
BKRMichael Baker CorporationRate it:
BLBlair CorporationRate it:
BLDBaldwin Technology, Inc.Rate it:
BLMBlimpie International, Inc.Rate it:
BMIBadger Meter, Inc.Rate it:
BNDVanguard Total Bond Market Exchange Traded FundRate it:
BNPBoddie- Noell Properties, Inc.Rate it:
BNTBentley Pharmaceuticals, Inc.Rate it:
BNTBBentley Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Class B (de-listed)Rate it:
BNXMerrill Lynch & Company, Inc.Rate it:
BOCBeard CompanyRate it:
BPSBlackrock Pennsylvania Strategic Municipal TrustRate it:
BRBBRistol Brass Corporation (former symbol; de-listed)Rate it:
BRNBarnwell Industries, Incorporated (de-listed)Rate it:

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