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PERCPrince Edward Radio Club    
PHARCPotomac Highlands Amateur Radio Club    
PSKPhase-Shift Keying    
PTTPush To Talk    
PUSH-PULL AMPLIFIERUnique circuitry of two tubes wherein one is conducting power to the plate circuit, whilst the matching circuit rests: The result is a more rapid amplification cycle thus resulting in steadier, stronger signal: Ye Ed, fmf, WB8AXXI, 09/15/2013    
Q codeStandardized grouping of 'brevity code', of three letters all begin with 'Q': Three categories, Applicable to amateurs, Aviation, Maritime:    
QBS?Should I clean the Bird S#!* off my antenna so I can hear you?    
QCDWhere did you put my CD?    
QCPAre you using Cat Power?    
QCWWhy are you whistling Morse?    
QDRDamn Right the frequency is busy!    
QDXThat's my original call.    
QDXYou worked Indonesia on 2 meters, so what?    
QEDWhat does Ed know?    
QEDYour Mom Goes To College    
QEPIt's time for dinner    
QETPhone home    
QEW?Is copy difficult due to Ear Wax?    
QFESubscale setting to give height above Aerodrome    
QFH?Is this Frequency Hogged?    
QFP?Will you give me the latest information concerning ... facility at (place)?    
QFTI am passing gas.    
QGWDoes my landing gear appear to be down and in place?    
QHFAre you going to the Hamfeast?    
QJE3Is my frequency shift correct?    

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