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Amateur Radio Abbreviations

Browse 858 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Amateur Radio terminology and jargon.

Q codeStandardized grouping of 'brevity code', of three letters all begin with 'Q': Three categories, Applicable to amateurs, Aviation, Maritime:Rate it:
QBS?Should I clean the Bird S#!* off my antenna so I can hear you?Rate it:
QCDWhere did you put my CD?Rate it:
QCPAre you using Cat Power?Rate it:
QCWWhy are you whistling Morse?Rate it:
QDRDamn Right the frequency is busy!Rate it:
QDXYou worked Indonesia on 2 meters, so what?Rate it:
QDXThat's my original Call sign.Rate it:
QEDWhat does Ed know?Rate it:
QEDYour Mom Goes To CollegeRate it:
QEPIt's time for dinnerRate it:
QETPhone homeRate it:
QEW?Is copy difficult due to Ear Wax?Rate it:
QFESubscale setting to give height above AerodromeRate it:
QFH?Is this Frequency Hogged?Rate it:
QFP?Will you give me the latest information concerning ... facility at (place)?Rate it:
QFTI am passing gas.Rate it:
QGWDoes my landing gear appear to be down and in place?Rate it:
QHFAre you going to the Hamfeast?Rate it:
QHIAre you leaving after only one transmission?Rate it:
QJE3Is my frequency shift correct?Rate it:
QJFMy signal as checked by monitor is satisfactoryRate it:
QJF1My signal as checked by monitor is satisfactory locallyRate it:
QJF2My signal as checked by monitor is satisfactory as radiated.Rate it:
QJGShall I revert to automatic relay?Rate it:

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