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QSLAcknowledging of Reception Card    
QSLShortwave Listening contact    
QSL?Can you acknowledge receipt?    
QSM?Shall I repeat the last message which I sent you?    
QSN....?Did you hear me on .... khz (or Mhz)?    
QSO .... ?Can you communicate with .... direct or by relay?    
QSPUse your SPell checker.    
QSP .... ?Will you relay to ... free of charge?    
QSQHave you a doctor on board?    
QSTARRL's Monthly Membership Journal    
QSTCalling ALL Amateur Radio Operators    
QSUShall I send or reply on this frequency?    
QSVShall I send a series of V's on this frequency?    
QSWWill you send on this frequency?    
QSXWill you listen to (call sign(s) on ... khz (or Mhz))?    
QSYShall I change to transmission on another frequency?    
QSZShall I send each word or group more than once?    
QTAShall I cancel telegram (message) Number.... as if it had not been sent?    
QTBDo you agree with my counting of words?    
QTCHow many messages have you to send?    
QTEWhat is my true bearing from you?    
QTFWill you give me the position of my station according to the bearings taken by the direction-finding stations which you control?    
QTGWill you send two dashes of ten seconds each followed by your call sign?    
QTH'QTH', Often utilized 'Q'-signal/location of Fixed/portable,{temporary, FCC-notified}/mobile licensed amateur radio station/equipment/Rig: 'QTH'= location oft/referred as residence, Cottage, temporary QTH, mountaintop, motorcycle, golfcart, Hunting/fishing camp, RV, Marine, Air, Space, temporary, or licensed-location of FCC registered amateur radio 'station':    
QTHI am living in temporary housing.    

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