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Amateur Radio Abbreviations

Browse 880 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Amateur Radio terminology and jargon.

QJK3Are you receiving a mark bias?Rate it:
QJK4Are you receiving a space bias?Rate it:
QKAI have effected rescue and am proceeding to base (with ... persons injured requiring ambulance).Rate it:
QKOWhat other units are (or will be) taking part in the operation?Rate it:
QLKAre you sending with your left foot and keyboard?Rate it:
QLPAre you playing long disco records?Rate it:
QLSAre you sending from Texas?Rate it:
QLZ?Are you playing Led Zeppelin over the repeater?Rate it:
QNKTransmit message for ______ to ______.Rate it:
QNLYour Net frequency is LowRate it:
QNPUnable to copy.Rate it:
QNQMove frequency to ______ and wait for ______ to finish handling traffic.Rate it:
QNRAnswer and relay traffic.Rate it:
QNTrequest permission to leave the net for ______ minutes.Rate it:
QNUThe net has traffic for you.Rate it:
QNVEstablish contact with ______ on this frequency.Rate it:
QNXYou are excused from the netRate it:
QOEHave you received the safety signal sent by ....?Rate it:
QOFWhat is the commercial quality of my signals?Rate it:
QOG?How many tapes have you to send?Rate it:
QOHShall I send a phasing signal for .... seconds?Rate it:
QOI?Shall I send my tape?Rate it:
QOKHave you received the signals of an emergency position-indicating radiobeacon on ... kHz (or MHz)?Rate it:
QOMOn what frequencies can your vessel be reached by a selective call?Rate it:
QONCan you send on any working frequency?Rate it:

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