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QUP3Will you indicate your position by pyrotechnic lights?    
QUQShall I train my searchlight nearly vertical on a cloud, occulting if possible and, if your aircraft is seen, deflect the beam up wind and on the water (or land) to facilitate your landing?    
QUR1Have survivors received survival equipment?    
QUR2Have survivors been picked up by rescue vessel?    
QUR3Have survivors been been reached by ground rescue party?    
QUSHave you sighted survivors or wreckage?    
QUTIs position of incident marked?    
QUUShall I home ship or aircraft to my position?    
QUVWhat is my magnetic bearing from you?    
QUXWill you indicate the magnetic course for me to steer towards you with no wind?    
QUYIs position of survival craft marked?    
QUY1Position of Survival Craft is Marked By flame or smoke float.    
QUY2Position of survival craft is marked by sea marker.    
QUY3Position of survival craft is marked by sea marker dye.    
QUY4Position of survival craft is marked by other marking.    
QUZMay I resume restricted working?    
QWCDo you have to go to the bathroom?    
QWHI am going to send on frequency .... (kHz).    
QWMWill you Marry me?    
QXXChange the Operator    
QYFWhen will your wife get home?    
QYMYo Mama.    
QZBZero Beat my signal    
QZEYour frequency is high. Lower your frequency.    
QZFYour frequency is low. Raise your frequency.    

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