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Amateur Radio Abbreviations

Browse 861 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Amateur Radio terminology and jargon.

QRZAmateur Radio callRate it:
QSA?What is the strength of my signals?Rate it:
QSBYour signals are fadingRate it:
QSB?Are my signals fading?Rate it:
QSCAre you a cargo vessel?Rate it:
QSDIs my keying defective?Rate it:
QSFI contacted some werido in San FranciscoRate it:
QSGShall I send .... (number of) messages at a time?Rate it:
QSHS#!* HappensRate it:
QSII have been unable to break in on your transmission.Rate it:
QSJ?What is the charge to be collected per word to .... including your internal telegraph charge?Rate it:
QSKCan you hear me between your signals?Rate it:
QSLShortwave Listening contactRate it:
QSLAcknowledging of Reception CardRate it:
QSL?Can you acknowledge receipt?Rate it:
QSM?Shall I repeat the last message which I sent you?Rate it:
QSN....?Did you hear me on .... khz (or Mhz)?Rate it:
QSO .... ?Can you communicate with .... direct or by relay?Rate it:
QSPUse your SPell checker.Rate it:
QSP .... ?Will you relay to ... free of charge?Rate it:
QSQHave you a doctor on board?Rate it:
QSTARRL's Monthly Membership JournalRate it:
QSTCalling ALL Amateur Radio OperatorsRate it:
QSUShall I send or reply on this frequency?Rate it:
QSVShall I send a series of V's on this frequency?Rate it:

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