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QSM?Shall I repeat the last message which I sent you?Rate it:
QSN....?Did you hear me on .... khz (or Mhz)?Rate it:
QSO .... ?Can you communicate with .... direct or by relay?Rate it:
QSPUse your SPell checker.Rate it:
QSP .... ?Will you relay to ... free of charge?Rate it:
QSQHave you a doctor on board?Rate it:
QSTARRL's Monthly Membership JournalRate it:
QSTCalling ALL Amateur Radio OperatorsRate it:
QSUShall I send or reply on this frequency?Rate it:
QSVShall I send a series of V's on this frequency?Rate it:
QSWWill you send on this frequency?Rate it:
QSXWill you listen to (call sign(s) on ... khz (or Mhz))?Rate it:
QSYShall I change to transmission on another frequency?Rate it:
QSYPlease change frequency to (not an acronym)Rate it:
QSZShall I send each word or group more than once?Rate it:
QTAShall I cancel telegram (message) Number.... as if it had not been sent?Rate it:
QTBDo you agree with my counting of words?Rate it:
QTCHow many messages have you to send?Rate it:
QTEWhat is my true bearing from you?Rate it:
QTFWill you give me the position of my station according to the bearings taken by the direction-finding stations which you control?Rate it:
QTGWill you send two dashes of ten seconds each followed by your call sign?Rate it:
QTH'QTH', Often utilized 'Q'-signal/location of Fixed/portable,{temporary, FCC-notified}/mobile licensed amateur radio station/equipment/Rig: 'QTH'= location oft/referred as residence, Cottage, temporary QTH, mountaintop, motorcycle, golfcart, Hunting/fishing camp, RV, Marine, Air, Space, temporary, or licensed-location of FCC registered amateur radio 'station':Rate it:
QTHI am living in temporary housing.Rate it:
QTH?What is your position in latitude and longitude?Rate it:
QTIWhat is your true track?Rate it:

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