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Amateur Radio Abbreviations

Browse 869 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Amateur Radio terminology and jargon.

QULCan you tell me the swell observed at ( Place or coordinates)?Rate it:
QUMMay I resume normal working?Rate it:
QUNMy position, TRUE course, and speed are ....Rate it:
QUOPlease search for ....Rate it:
QUO1Please search for aircraftRate it:
QUO2Please search for shipRate it:
QUO3Please search for survival craft in the vicinity of .... latitude, .... longitudeRate it:
QUPWill you indicate your position?Rate it:
QUP1Will you indicate your position by searchlight?Rate it:
QUP2Will you indicate your position by black smoke trail?Rate it:
QUP3Will you indicate your position by pyrotechnic lights?Rate it:
QUQShall I train my searchlight nearly vertical on a cloud, occulting if possible and, if your aircraft is seen, deflect the beam up wind and on the water (or land) to facilitate your landing?Rate it:
QUR1Have survivors received survival equipment?Rate it:
QUR2Have survivors been picked up by rescue vessel?Rate it:
QUR3Have survivors been been reached by ground rescue party?Rate it:
QUSHave you sighted survivors or wreckage?Rate it:
QUTIs position of incident marked?Rate it:
QUUShall I home ship or aircraft to my position?Rate it:
QUVWhat is my magnetic bearing from you?Rate it:
QUXWill you indicate the magnetic course for me to steer towards you with no wind?Rate it:
QUYIs position of survival craft marked?Rate it:
QUY1Position of Survival Craft is Marked By flame or smoke float.Rate it:
QUY2Position of survival craft is marked by sea marker.Rate it:
QUY3Position of survival craft is marked by sea marker dye.Rate it:
QUY4Position of survival craft is marked by other marking.Rate it:

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