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Amateur Radio Abbreviations

Browse 879 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Amateur Radio terminology and jargon.

dBDeciBelRate it:
DBDMDual Band Dual ModeRate it:
DBDPDual-Band Dual-PolarRate it:
DBDPADual Band Dual Polar AntennaRate it:
DBDTDual-Band Desk-TopRate it:
DBDTADual-Band Desk-Top AntennaRate it:
dBmDeciBel relative to one milliWattRate it:
DCARADenton County Amateur Radio AssociationRate it:
DCDData Carrier DetectRate it:
DCMDigital Carrier ModuleRate it:
DCSDigital-Coded SquelchRate it:
DDADigital Directional AntennaRate it:
DEDriven ElementRate it:
DGDarling GirlRate it:
Di Di Dit - -DA-DA-DAH--Di Di DitOfficial International Morse Radio Telegraphy or Light Signal 0r Audio Signal for Danger Life/Death Emergency SignalRate it:
DITMorse code DOTRate it:
DMDelta ModulationRate it:
DMRDifferential Microwave RadiometerRate it:
DMRDigital Media ReceiverRate it:
DMRAADes Moines Radio Amateur AssociationRate it:
DMXDe-MultipleXerRate it:
DNADid Not AnswerRate it:
DOEDynamic Output ElementRate it:
Double NickleFifty-fiveRate it:
DPSKDifferential Phase-Shift KeyingRate it:

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