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Assembly Abbreviations

Browse 1,529 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Assembly terminology and jargon.

CSRClear Statistical RegistryRate it:
CSRControl and Status RegisterRate it:
CSRCommand and Status RegisterRate it:
CSUMComplex SUMRate it:
CSVComma Separated ValuesRate it:
CTCarry ThroughRate it:
CTDChange Tape DensityRate it:
CTDMRChange Tape Density, Mid RecordRate it:
CUCall UnixRate it:
CVFCreate Verbose FileRate it:
CWChange WordRate it:
CWContent WordRate it:
CWDConvert Word to DoublewordRate it:
CWDEConvert Word to Extended DoubleRate it:
CWICopy With IncludeRate it:
CZICount Zero InterruptRate it:
CZZCConvert Zone to Zip CodeRate it:
DDeleteRate it:
DADelete AttributeRate it:
DAADecimal Adjust after AdditionRate it:
DAADecimal Adjust AccumulatorRate it:
DAADecimal Adjust AfterRate it:
DABDelete All ButRate it:
DACDeclare Address ConstantRate it:
DAIDo As InfinityRate it:

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