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SIMStar in MotionRate it:
SIPSpace Interested PersonRate it:
SIRASolar Imaging Radio ArrayRate it:
SISSETI (Search for Extra-Terrestial Intelligence) Intercept SystemRate it:
SKASquare Kilometre ArrayRate it:
SLOISatellite Lake Observatory InitiativeRate it:
SLOWPOKESSloan Low-mass Wide Pairs of Kinematically Equivalent StarsRate it:
SLSN-Ihydrogen-poor SLSNeRate it:
SLSN-IIhydrogen-rich SLSNeRate it:
SLSN-Rradioactively powered SLSNeRate it:
SLSNesuperluminous supernova eventsRate it:
SMASHSurvey of MAgellanic Stellar HistoryRate it:
SMBHSuper Massive Black HoleRate it:
SMCSmall Magellanic CloudRate it:
SMSSun, Moon, And StarsRate it:
SMVEMJSUNPSun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, PlutoRate it:
SNACSStandard New Astronomy Cryostat For SofiaRate it:
SNIISuperNova of Type IIRate it:
SNRSuper Nova RemnantRate it:
SNYStarry Night BackyardRate it:
SOFAStandards Of Fundamental AstronomyRate it:
SOFIAStratospheric Observatory For Infrared AstronomyRate it:
SPAMSpecial People Admiring MeteorsRate it:
SPARCSpace Physics Aeronomy Research CollaboratoryRate it:
SPCShort Period CometRate it:

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