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Astronomy Abbreviations

Browse 980 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Astronomy terminology and jargon.

CGROCompton Gamma Ray ObsrvatoryRate it:
CGWACenter for Gravitational Wave AstronomyRate it:
CHIPCosmic Hot Interstellar PlasmaRate it:
CHSSCentury Halo Star SurveyRate it:
CHZCircumstellar Habitable ZoneRate it:
CIBCosmic Infrared BackgroundRate it:
CIPCelestial Intermediate PoleRate it:
CMCritical MassRate it:
CMACanis Majoris ARate it:
CMBCosmic Microwave BackgroundRate it:
CMBRCosmic Microwave Background RadiationRate it:
CMDACelestial Mechanics and Dynamical AstronomyRate it:
CMECoronal Mass EjectionsRate it:
CMFCore Mass FunctionRate it:
CMHASDCrayford Manor House Astronomical Society DartfordRate it:
CMTCarlsberg Meridian TelescopeRate it:
CNSCentral Navigation SystemRate it:
CODCarbon Oxygen DwarfRate it:
CODECreation Out of Deep EnergyRate it:
CoSECCollaborative Sun-Earth ConnectorRate it:
COTCheck-Out on TypeRate it:
CPCambridge PulsarRate it:
CR cosmic raysCosmic Rays are high energy radiation originating outside the solar system.Rate it:
CRAFCommittee on Radio Astronomy FrequenciesRate it:
CRAPCompletely Radical Anthropic PrincipleRate it:

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