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RUNX2Runt-related transcription factor 2    
RUNX3Runt-related transcription factor 3    
SBOSoil Based Organism    
SGPTserum glutamic pyruvic transaminase    
SHBGSex Hormone-Binding Globulin    
SHILAP Revta. lepid.SHILAP Revista de lepidopterologia    
SISystème International d'unités (International System of Units)    
SLWSmall Legged Wading Bird    
SNPsingle-nucleotide polymorphism    
SPOLSecond Pick of The Litter    
SRC-FAMILY KINASESSarcoma-family kinases. The first member of this family to be found was the v-Src protein. It was produced by virus, that was isolated in chickens. This was the Rous Sarcoma virus, the first cancer-inducing virus ever found. The protein is not cancer-inducing, just the virus. Calm down. Since then, the protein - which is a normal and necessary part of cell growth - has been found in many organisms, including humans.    
SZMStereo Zoom Microscope    
TFRtotal fertility rate    
TGFtransforming growth-factor    
thylakoidit is a membrane-bound compartment inside chloroplast and cyanobacteria.    
TMATissue Micro-Array    
TrisanitaTrisanita was formed as an acronym of three sanitation platforms. Three process sciences: physics, chemistry, biology. Three environmental media: soil, water, air. Three living resources: plants, animals, humans. Three contaminant carriers: wastewater, solid waste, waste gases. Three sanitation goals: clean, healthy, safety. Three social behaviors: knowledge, attitude, practice. Three pillars of scientific integrity: education, research and public services. The mission of Trisanita was undertaken through scholarly scientific journal publication. Three journals have been launched, entitled: Journal of Applied Sciences in Environmental Sanitation (J.ASES) on 29 March 2006, Journal of Applied Technology in Environmental Sanitation (J.ATES) on 8 April 2011, and Journal of Applied Phytotechnology in Environmental Sanitation (J.APES) on 25 May 2011.    
TSTtissue surface tension    
VIOLETViolent Insect Of Ingenious Edible Tactics    
VLBViburnum Leaf Beetle    
VMBVine MealyBug    
VNHVertebrate Natural History    
WPWhite Pine    
WPBOWhitefish Point Bird Observatory    

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