Browse 669 acronyms and abbreviations related to Botany:

SppSpeciesRate it:
SSSymbiotic SpectrumRate it:
SSLBSeptoria Speckled Leaf BlotchRate it:
SSPSpecies Survival PlanRate it:
SSSAJSoil Science Society of America JournalRate it:
STSpore TrapRate it:
STDStop, Treat, and DestroyRate it:
STLMSpotted Tentiform LeafMinerRate it:
SUNFLSunflowerRate it:
SVCPSahtu Vegetation Classification ProjectRate it:
SWATStudent Weekend Arborist TeamRate it:
SWATSmelly White Azure TulipsRate it:
SYPSouthern Yellow PineRate it:
TTallgrassRate it:
TATraining AnimalsRate it:
TANTree Augmented NaiveRate it:
TBGTucson Botanical GardensRate it:
TBGToledo Botanical GardenRate it:
TBOTree Borne OilseedsRate it:
TBSTropical Broadleaf SeasonalRate it:
TEVTobacco Etch VirusRate it:
TGTree GranuleRate it:
TGIFTurf Grass Information FileRate it:
TGNThe Green NotebookRate it:
TGRTree Growth RegulatorRate it:

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