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ACBAssociation of Clinical BiochemistsRate it:
ACBasymptomatic carotid bruitRate it:
ACBSAdvisory Committee on Borderline SubstancesRate it:
ACBSaortocoronary bypass surgeryRate it:
ACBSAsymptomatic Cervical Bruit StudyRate it:
ACCacceleratorRate it:
ACCAccutaneRate it:
ACCacetyl coenzyme A carboxylaseRate it:
ACCacinic cell carcinomaRate it:
ACCadenoid cystic carcinomaRate it:
ACCAdjusted Credit CeilingRate it:
ACCagenesis of corpus callosumRate it:
ACCalveolar cell carcinomaRate it:
ACCambulatory care centerRate it:
ACCanodal closure contractionRate it:
ACCAssociation of County CouncilsRate it:
ACCAccredited Clinical CoderRate it:
ACCENT IA Crohn’s disease Clinical trial Evaluating ifliximab in a New long-term Treatment regimenRate it:
ACCSAcute Common Care StemRate it:
ACCSAmerican-Canadian Cooperative StudyRate it:
ACCSAmsterdam clinical challenge scaleRate it:
ACDabsolute claudication distanceRate it:
ACDabsorbent cover dressingRate it:
ACDacid citrate dextroseRate it:
ACDactinomycin DRate it:

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