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ACEVOAssociation of Chief Executives of Voluntary OrganisationsRate it:
ACFaberrant crypt fociRate it:
ACFAccess Control FrameworkRate it:
ACFactive case findingRate it:
ACFacute care facilityRate it:
ACFadult care facilityRate it:
ACFanterior cervical fusionRate it:
ACFanterior cranial fossaRate it:
ACFAssociation of Charitable FoundationsRate it:
ACGaccelerator globulinRate it:
ACGactivated charcoal granuleRate it:
ACGacycloguanosine–antiviralRate it:
ACGambulatory care groupRate it:
ACGangle closure glaucomaRate it:
ACGaortocoronary graftRate it:
ACGTAdvisory Committee on Genetic TestingRate it:
ACHachalasiaRate it:
ACHachondroplasiaRate it:
ACHACTH, adrenocorticotropic hormoneRate it:
ACHactive chronic hepatitisRate it:
ACHacute cholecystitisRate it:
ACHallergic contact hypersensitivityRate it:
ACHCAssociation of Community Health CouncilsRate it:
ACHCEWAssociation of Community Health Councils in England & Wales (obsolete)Rate it:
ACHMSAsian Community Mental Health ServicesRate it:

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