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ADAdrenalineRate it:
ADAalcohol dependence/abuseRate it:
ADAantidiuretic activityRate it:
ADAautomatic data captureRate it:
ADASSAssociation of Directors of Adult Social ServicesRate it:
ADCactive diffusion controlRate it:
ADCadenylate cyclaseRate it:
ADCadrenal cortexRate it:
ADCadult day careRate it:
ADCaffective disorders clinicRate it:
ADCagar diffusion chamberRate it:
ADCAIDS-dementia complexRate it:
ADCalbumin, dextrose, catalase MicrobiologyRate it:
ADCAlzheimer’s disease centreRate it:
ADCanalogue-to-digital computerRate it:
ADCanchorage-dependent cellRate it:
ADCanodal duration contraction PhysiologyRate it:
ADCanthracenedicarboxyaldehydeRate it:
ADCantibody-dependent cytotoxicityRate it:
ADCapparent diffusion coefficientRate it:
ADCarginine decarboxylaseRate it:
ADCautomatic data captureRate it:
ADCaverage daily censusRate it:
ADCaxiodistocervical DentistryRate it:
ADCADautosomal dominant coronary artery diseaseRate it:

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