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ADCSAssociation of Directors of Children’s ServicesRate it:
ADCSArmy Dental Care SystemRate it:
ADCSAlzheimer’s Disease Cooperative StudyRate it:
ADCUAnti-Drugs Co-ordination UnitRate it:
ADDacute diarrhoeal disorderRate it:
ADDacceptable daily doseRate it:
ADDadductorRate it:
ADDadenosine deaminaseRate it:
ADDanterior disc displacementRate it:
ADEantibody-dependent enhancement ImmunologyRate it:
ADEacute disseminated encephalomyelitisRate it:
ADEAra C, daunorubicin, etoposide OncologyRate it:
ADEAnimal Disease Eradication Division USDARate it:
ADEarrhythmogenic dose of epinephrineRate it:
ADEadverse drug effectRate it:
ADEAAge Discrimination in Employment Act 1967Rate it:
ADEARAlzheimer's Disease Education And Referral CenterRate it:
ADGaverage daily (weight) gainRate it:
ADGambulatory diagnostic groupRate it:
ADGaxiodistogingival–dentistryRate it:
ADGFAdnosine deaminase-related growth factorRate it:
ADHadditional duty hours (for junior doctors)Rate it:
ADHatypical ductal hyperplasiaRate it:
ADHAssistant Director of HygieneRate it:
ADIAIDS-defining illnessRate it:

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