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VSvibration syndromeRate it:
VSviridans streptococciRate it:
VSvital signRate it:
VSvoluntary sterilisationRate it:
VSAvasospastic anginaRate it:
VSAVital Sign–National Operating Framework targetsRate it:
VSAVital Signs Absentor Volatile Substance AbuseRate it:
VSAvolatile substance abuseRate it:
VSBVeterinary Surgeons BoardRate it:
VSBVital Sign–National priorities for local actionRate it:
VSCventral spinal cordRate it:
VSCVital Sign–Targets for local actionRate it:
VSCVoluntary Service Co-ordinatorRate it:
VSCvoluntary service coordinatorRate it:
VSCvoluntary surgical contraceptionRate it:
VSFVoluntary Sector ForumRate it:
VSNAGVoluntary Sector National Advisory GroupRate it:
VSNTOVoluntary Sector National Training OrganisationRate it:
VSOVoluntary Sector OptionRate it:
VSOVoluntary Sector Option (New Deal)or Voluntary Service OverseasRate it:
VSOvoluntary sector organisationRate it:
VSOvoluntary service organisationRate it:
VSOVoluntary Services OverseasRate it:
VSPGVoluntary Sector Policy and GrantsRate it:
VSpRVisiting Specialist Registrar (not quite, but headed towards extinction)Rate it:

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