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VSviridans streptococci    
VSvital sign    
VSvoluntary sterilisation    
VSAvasospastic angina    
VSAVital Signs Absentor Volatile Substance Abuse    
VSAVital Sign–National Operating Framework targets    
VSAvolatile substance abuse    
VSBVeterinary Surgeons Board    
VSBVital Sign–National priorities for local action    
VSCventral spinal cord    
VSCVital Sign–Targets for local action    
VSCVoluntary Service Co-ordinator    
VSCvoluntary service coordinator    
VSCvoluntary surgical contraception    
VSFVoluntary Sector Forum    
VSNAGVoluntary Sector National Advisory Group    
VSNTOVoluntary Sector National Training Organisation    
VSOVoluntary Sector Option    
VSOVoluntary Sector Option (New Deal)or Voluntary Service Overseas    
VSOvoluntary sector organisation    
VSOvoluntary service organisation    
VSOVoluntary Services Overseas    
VSPGVoluntary Sector Policy and Grants    
VSpRVisiting Specialist Registrar (not quite, but headed towards extinction)    
VTEventricular tachycardic event    

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