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ABGair bone gapRate it:
ABGalveolar bone graftingRate it:
ABGarea-based grantRate it:
ABGautogenous bone graftRate it:
ABGaxiobuccogingival DentistryRate it:
ABHAssociation of Behavioral HealthcareRate it:
ABHIAssociation of British Healthcare IndustriesRate it:
ABIabsolute benefit increaseRate it:
ABIankle/brachial blood pressure indexRate it:
ABIarea-based initiativeRate it:
ABIUAcute brain injury unitRate it:
ABMacute bacterial meningitisRate it:
ABMadjusted body massRate it:
ABMalveolar basement membraneRate it:
ABMautobiographical memoryRate it:
ABMautologous bone marrowRate it:
ABNablation nephropathyRate it:
ABNacute bacterial nephritisRate it:
ABNaseptic bone necrosisRate it:
ABNAssociation of British NeurologistsRate it:
ABPAchyranthes bidentata polysaccharidesRate it:
ABPactin-binding proteinRate it:
ABPacute bacterial prostatitisRate it:
ABPacute biliary pancreatitisRate it:
ABPAdriamycin (doxorubicin), bleomycin, prednisone (ABP)Rate it:

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