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British Medicine Abbreviations

Browse 10,540 acronyms and abbreviations related to the British Medicine terminology and jargon.

ABPAmerican Board of PediatricsRate it:
ABPAmerican Board of Pedodontics (obsolete)Rate it:
ABPAmerican Board of PeriodontologyRate it:
ABPAmerican Board of ProsthodonticsRate it:
ABPAmerican Board of PsychotherapyRate it:
ABPAMPA receptor binding proteinRate it:
ABPamyloid beta proteinRate it:
ABPanastomotic bursting pressureRate it:
ABPandrogen binding proteinRate it:
ABPantibiotic prophylaxisRate it:
ABPantigen-binding proteinRate it:
ABPavidin-biotin peroxidaseRate it:
ABPSactin-binding proteinsRate it:
ABPSAmerican Board of Plastic SurgeryRate it:
ABPSAssociate British Psychological SocietyRate it:
ABSabdominal musclesRate it:
ABSabdominal surgeryRate it:
ABSabsorptionRate it:
ABSacid-base statusRate it:
ABSacute bacterial sinusitisRate it:
ABSacute brain syndromeRate it:
ABSAdaptive Behaviour ScaleRate it:
ABSadmitting blood sugarRate it:
ABSAdult Basic SkillsRate it:
ABSageing brain syndromeRate it:

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