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Chat Abbreviations

Browse 7,916 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Chat terminology and jargon.

AOTApps Of ThingsRate it:
AOTArray Of ThingsRate it:
AOTArk Of TruthRate it:
AOTAlways On TopRate it:
AOTAmong Other ThingsRate it:
AOTPAnswer On The PostRate it:
AOYAs Of YetRate it:
APAhh PhooeyRate it:
APA** PounderRate it:
APAwesome person/peopleRate it:
APTGAlways Play The GameRate it:
AQAttractive QuotientRate it:
AQ4UA Question For YouRate it:
AQQAww, or is it awe, oder ah!,or OH! or mebbe "AW!" It really is Qute, Qute es Quter! Ye Ed fmf 09/06/13Rate it:
ARAssault RifleRate it:
ARAMAwesomely Random Adult MaleRate it:
AREAcronym-Rich EnvironmentRate it:
ARFA Ravishing FemaleRate it:
ARGHExpressing annoyance, dismay, embarrassment or frustration (not an acronym)Rate it:
ARMYAlways Reply Me YesRate it:
AROAromanticRate it:
ARSAlt Religion ScientologyRate it:
ASAlmost SurelyRate it:
ASAAs Soon AsRate it:
ASACAs Soon As ConvenientRate it:

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