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Chat Abbreviations

Browse 8,175 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Chat terminology and jargon.

LABLike A BossRate it:
LADLife And DeathRate it:
LADLove, Adore, and DreamRate it:
LAELoyalty Above EverythingRate it:
LAGList Administrator GoddessRate it:
LAHLook Ahead HeuristicRate it:
LAHWFLosing All Hope Was FreedomRate it:
LAJLame A** JokeRate it:
LAKLove And KissesRate it:
LALLaugh A LotRate it:
LALOLLots And Lots Of LaughsRate it:
LALOLLots And Lots Of LoveRate it:
LALOTALots And Lots Of Thunderous ApplauseRate it:
LAMLook At MeRate it:
LAMLeave A MessageRate it:
LAMALook At My A**Rate it:
LAMBLooking Absolutly Monstrously BadRate it:
LAMPLook At Me PeopleRate it:
LAMYLove And Miss YouRate it:
LANNLate, Arriving Near NoonRate it:
LAOJLaughing At Own JokeRate it:
LAPDLove And Peace DudeRate it:
LARLLaughing Audibly in Real LifeRate it:
LARSLets All Renounce SugarRate it:
LARSLike A Rolling StoneRate it:

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