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Chat Abbreviations

Browse 7,924 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Chat terminology and jargon.

LMLove ModeRate it:
LMLet MeRate it:
LMALeave Me AloneRate it:
LMALick My A**Rate it:
LMALet Me AloneRate it:
LMACLick My A** CrackRate it:
LMAFOLaughing My F*** A** OffRate it:
LMAFOLaughing My A** Freaking OffRate it:
LMAOLaugh My A** OffRate it:
LMAOLaughing My A** OffRate it:
LMAOLeave Me Alone, Okay?Rate it:
LMAOLick My Art, Okay?Rate it:
LMAOLift My A** OffRate it:
LMAOLeave My A** OkayRate it:
LMAOLLaugh My A** Off LoudlyRate it:
LMAOROFLaughing My A** Off Rolling On FloorRate it:
LMAOROTFLaughing My A** Off Rolling On The FloorRate it:
LMAOSHMSFOAIDMTLaughing My A** Off So Hard My Sombrero Fell Off And I Dropped My TacoRate it:
LMAQLet Me Ask a QuestionRate it:
LMBOLaughing My Butt OffRate it:
LMBOLaugh My Bum OffRate it:
LMBOROFLLaughing My B… Off, Rolling On Floor LaughingRate it:
LMDLove My DogRate it:
LMDAOLaughing My Drunk A** OffRate it:
LMFAOLaughing My Fat A** OffRate it:

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