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Browse 8,106 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Chat terminology and jargon.

MFHMy Friend's HouseRate it:
MFIManic Frogs InfectRate it:
MFIMad For ItRate it:
MFIMine Fell InRate it:
MFOMandatory Family OutingRate it:
MFPMade For PartiesRate it:
MFPMade For ProfessionalsRate it:
MFPMore Freakin' PowerRate it:
MFRMy F***ing RoommateRate it:
MFTRMore Famous Than RichRate it:
MFWMy Face When....Rate it:
MFWMy Future WifeRate it:
MFWMy Face WhenRate it:
MGMy GuessRate it:
MGMy GuyRate it:
MGBMarital Grief BeginsRate it:
MGDMy GoDRate it:
MGMMentally Gifted ManRate it:
MGMMy Goodness Mom!Rate it:
MGSNMust Go Shopping NowRate it:
MHIBMy Heart Is BrokenRate it:
MHIBMy Hair Is BlondeRate it:
MHOMy Humble OpinionRate it:
MHOTYMy Hat's Off To YouRate it:
MHPMay Happen in ParallelRate it:

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