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Chemistry Abbreviations

Browse 3,524 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Chemistry terminology and jargon.

POMPartial Oxidation of MethaneRate it:
POMProperties Of MatterRate it:
POPPersistent Organic PollutantRate it:
POPSPublically Owned Point SourcesRate it:
PORCPorcelainRate it:
POSSPolyhedral Oligomeric SilSesquioxaneRate it:
POTProton On TargetRate it:
POTPotion Of ThoughtRate it:
POUCGPoint-Of-Use Chemical GenerationRate it:
PPParticulate PhosphorusRate it:
PPpolypropyleneRate it:
PPAPurified Phosphoric AcidRate it:
PPAphenylpropanolamineRate it:
PPBPotassium Phosphate BufferRate it:
PPCPreparative Paper ChromatographyRate it:
PPGPolypropylene glycolRate it:
PPGIPre-Painted Galvanized IronRate it:
PPMPollution of Pure MaterialsRate it:
ppmparts per millionRate it:
PPOPolyPhenolic OxidaseRate it:
PPRPolypropylene pipesRate it:
PPTParts Per TrillionRate it:
PPTPrecipitateRate it: per thousandRate it:
PPVCPlasticised Polyvinyl ChlorideRate it:

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