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Chemistry Abbreviations

Browse 3,472 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Chemistry terminology and jargon.

RCILRadiological Chemistry and Imaging LaboratoryRate it:
RCORegenerative Catalytic OxidizerRate it:
RCSReAgent Chemical ServicesRate it:
RCSReactive Chemical SpeciesRate it:
RCVDreactive chemical vapor depositionRate it:
RCVDReactive chemical vapour depositionRate it:
RDRandom DilutionRate it:
RDCResidual Dipolar CouplingRate it:
RDHRapid Displacement HeatingRate it:
RdRPRNA-dependent RNA polymeraseRate it:
RDTRecombinant DNA (DeoxyriboNucleic Acid) TechnologyRate it:
RDXCyclotrimethylenetrinitramineRate it:
RERare EarthRate it:
RERheniumRate it:
REDRenewable Emulsified DieselRate it:
REERare Earth ElementRate it:
REMRelative Electrophoresis MobilityRate it:
REQRequireRate it:
RERRare Earth ResearchRate it:
RERRadiation Effects ReactorRate it:
RERRadiation Effects ReportRate it:
RESVResveratrolRate it:
RFResonance FrequencyRate it:
RfRutherfordiumRate it:
RFCResidual Functional CapacityRate it:

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