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Chemistry Abbreviations

Browse 3,526 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Chemistry terminology and jargon.

RACHELRandom Access Chemical Hazards Electronic LibraryRate it:
RACHELReal-time Automated Combinatorial Heuristic Enhancement of Lead compoundsRate it:
RACIRoyal Australian Chemical InstituteRate it:
RACIRoyal Australian Chemistry InstituteRate it:
RAIradioactive iodineRate it:
RAMPRegional Aquatics Monitoring Program (Alberta Oil Sands)Rate it:
RAPRubidium Acid PhthalateRate it:
RAPDFResidue-specific all-Atom conditional Probability Discriminatory FunctionRate it:
RASReplicate And SimulateRate it:
RbRubidiumRate it:
RBCRotating Biological ContactorRate it:
RBDRefined, Bleached, and DeodorizedRate it:
RBPSRisk-Based Process SafetyRate it:
RBSRadioactive Blue StuffRate it:
RCReference CollectionRate it:
RCReactive CoalescentRate it:
RCATRubber Chemistry and TechnologyRate it:
RCCReinforced Carbon-CarbonRate it:
RCCReinforced Cement ConcreteRate it:
RCILRadiological Chemistry and Imaging LabRate it:
RCILRadiological Chemistry and Imaging LaboratoryRate it:
RCORegenerative Catalytic OxidizerRate it:
RCSReactive Chemical SpeciesRate it:
RCSReAgent Chemical ServicesRate it:
RCVDreactive chemical vapor depositionRate it:

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