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Chemistry Abbreviations

Browse 3,676 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Chemistry terminology and jargon.

ATPAdenosine Tri-PhosphateRate it:
ATPSAtmospheric, Temperature, Pressure, SaturatedRate it:
AtZn-MPArabidopsis thaliana Zinc-MetalloProteaseRate it:
AuGoldRate it:
AVIDAdvanced Vaporless IPA (IsoPropyl Alcohol) DryerRate it:
AVRAcidification Volatilization ReneutralizationRate it:
AVTAll-Volatile TreatmentRate it:
AWCHActivity Weighted Chemical HyperstructureRate it:
AZOTEUsed formerly as a name for nitrogen.Rate it:
AzPhPAAAzidoPhenyl-derivatized Poly-Acrylic AcidRate it:
AzPhPAAmAzidoPhenyl-derivatized PolyAllylAmineRate it:
AzPhPEGAzidoPhenyl-derivatized Poly-Ethylene GlycolRate it:
BBoronRate it:
BcarbonRate it:
B/OBypass/OverflowRate it:
B2O3Boric OxideRate it:
BaBariumRate it:
BABonding ActivityRate it:
BAButyl AcetateRate it:
BABenzyl AlcoholRate it:
BAABragg Amino AcidsRate it:
BABSBarium Alumino BoroSilicateRate it:
BACBattery Acid ConcoctionRate it:
BACONBiology and Chemistry Online NotesRate it:
BADGEBisphenol A DiGlicidyl EtherRate it:

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