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BTObarium titanateRate it:
BTTNButaneTriol TriNitrateRate it:
BTUBritish Thermal UnitRate it:
BTXBenzene Toluene XyleneRate it:
BUDBBUtane-1,4-Diamine Bis(duodecanoate)Rate it:
BUDRBromo-DeoxyuridineRate it:
BVBounded VariationRate it:
BWBiological WeaponsRate it:
BWRBoiling Water ReactorRate it:
BXUBeta-Xylanase UnitRate it:
BZPBenZylPiperazineRate it:
CCarbonRate it:
CCytosineRate it:
CCelsiusRate it:
C/EBPCCAAT-enhancer-binding proteinsRate it:
C2H4EthyleneRate it:
C2H5OHEthanolRate it:
CAControlled AtmosphereRate it:
CACarbon AlphaRate it:
CaCalciumRate it:
CACeperley-Alder exchange-correlation potentialRate it:
CAcarbonic anhydrase (enzyme)Rate it:
CACitric AcidRate it:
CABCation-Anion BalanceRate it:

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