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Chemistry Abbreviations

Browse 3,474 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Chemistry terminology and jargon.

CACeperley-Alder exchange-correlation potentialRate it:
CAcarbonic anhydrase (enzyme)Rate it:
CACitric AcidRate it:
CABCation-Anion BalanceRate it:
CACCCitizens for Alternatives to Chemical ContaminationRate it:
CACGPCommission For Atmospheric Chemistry And Global PollutionRate it:
CACGPCommission Of Atmospheric Chemistry And Global PollutionRate it:
CaCO3calcium carbonateRate it:
CADSChemical Agent Detection SystemRate it:
CAFCrude Aqueous FiltrateRate it:
CAFCompressed Asbestos FiberRate it:
CAHCalcium hardnessRate it:
CAIAChemical and Allied Industries AssociationRate it:
CAIAChemical and Allied Industries' AssociationRate it:
CAMCrassulacean Acid MetabolismRate it:
CAMELSPINCross-Relaxation Appropriate for Minimolecules Emulated by Locked SpinsRate it:
CANAChemical Agent Nerve AntidoteRate it:
CAPECaffeic Acid PhenethylEsterRate it:
CAPEConnective Available Potential EnergyRate it:
CAPEConvective Available Potential EnergyRate it:
CAPOWChemistryRate it:
CARCanonical Anticommutation RelationsRate it:
CARATChemical Accident Risk Assessment ThesaurusRate it:
CARCChemical Agent Resistive CoatingRate it:
CARCChemical Agent Resistant CoatingsRate it:

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