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Chemistry Abbreviations

Browse 3,561 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Chemistry terminology and jargon.

ADUAtmospheric Distillation UnitRate it:
AEAuger ElectronRate it:
AEAtomic EmissionRate it:
AEAcetonitrile EluateRate it:
AEAcid EquivalentRate it:
AENAll Element NumberRate it:
AENGAdvanced European Natural GasRate it:
AEOAmino Epoxi OxodecanoicRate it:
AEOAmino Epoxy OxodecanoicRate it:
AEPAffinity ElectroPhoresisRate it:
AEPAnion Exchange ProteinRate it:
AESAutomatic Electrophoresis SystemRate it:
AESRAqueous Extract of Sophorae RadixRate it:
AFAugmented FormulationRate it:
AFAnistropic FilteringRate it:
AFAdded FluoroelastomerRate it:
AFAir FreshenerRate it:
AFAAverage Fock ApproximationRate it:
AFFFAqueous Film Forming FoamRate it:
AFLAluminium Fluoride LitateRate it:
AFPAlpha Feta ProteinRate it:
AFSAtomic Fluorescence SpectrometryRate it:
AgSilver (Argentum)Rate it:
AgsilverRate it:
AGAlveolar GasRate it:

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