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Chemistry Abbreviations

Browse 3,473 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Chemistry terminology and jargon.

INFIron-Nickel SystemRate it:
InGaNindium gallium nitrideRate it:
INGAPIslet Neogenesis Associated ProteinRate it:
INRTGInert GasRate it:
IOCIn-Organic ContaminantRate it:
IOCBInstitute of Organic Chemistry and BiochemistryRate it:
IOCMInternational Organic Chemistry MeetingRate it:
IOECInstitute of Ecological ChemistryRate it:
IPImmunoprecipitationRate it:
IPAIsoPropyl AlcoholRate it:
IPBCIodoproPargyl Butyl CarbamateRate it:
IPCIntegrated Physics ChemistryRate it:
IPTGIsoPropyl b-D-ThioGalactosideRate it:
IQIon QualityRate it:
IrIridiumRate it:
IRAAInternal Reference Amino AcidRate it:
IRMInterference Reflection MicroscopyRate it:
IRSindoor residual sprayRate it:
ISAInstrumentation Systems and AutomationRate it:
ISBRInterchange Sequencing Batch ReactorRate it:
ISBZIsoStearyl BenZoateRate it:
ISCIron Sulfur ClusterRate it:
ISCOIndex for Selective Carbon OxidationRate it:
ISCRIn Situ Chemical ReductionRate it:
ISIInitial State InteractionRate it:

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