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Chemistry Abbreviations

Browse 3,674 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Chemistry terminology and jargon.

AIMActive Ingredient ManufacturerRate it:
AIRAir Injector ReactorRate it:
AIRAir Injection ReactorRate it:
AJACAmerican Journal of Applied ChemistryRate it:
AJCEAfrican Journal of Chemical EducationRate it:
AKAfter KindlingRate it:
AKTAll Kinds Of ThingsRate it:
AlAluminumRate it:
AlaluminiumRate it:
Al-Lialuminum-lithium alloyRate it:
ALAAlpha Linolenic AcidRate it:
ALBAAcetylation Lowers Binding AffinityRate it:
ALDHALdehyde DeHydrogenaseRate it:
ALKPAlkaline phosphataseRate it:
ALNAAlpha Linolenic AcidRate it:
ALPActivating Local PotentialRate it:
AmAmericiumRate it:
AMAAnalytic Meticulous And AffordableRate it:
AMAAtomic Moment ApproximationRate it:
AMPAdenosine MonoPhosphateRate it:
AMRAnalytical Method RecoveryRate it:
AMTAmino Mercapto ThiadiazoleRate it:
AMUAtomic Mass UnitRate it:
ANAmmonium NitrateRate it:
ANAAnti-Nuclear AntibodyRate it:

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