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Chemistry Abbreviations

Browse 3,657 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Chemistry terminology and jargon.

OTCOpen Tubular ColumnRate it:
OTDFOverall Temperature Distribution FactorRate it:
OVOrganic VaporRate it:
OVAOrganic Vapor AnalyzerRate it:
OVAOvalbuminRate it:
OVCOuter Vacuum ContainerRate it:
OVIOrganic Volatile ImpuritiesRate it:
OVMOrganic Vapor MonitorRate it:
OWPOn Weight Of PolypropyleneRate it:
OXAOXanilic AcidRate it:
OXDOXadiazole DerivativeRate it:
OXLL-4-OxalysineRate it:
OXMOXamic Acid, C2 H4 N1 O2Rate it:
OXS2-OXalosuccinic Acid, C6 H6 O7Rate it:
OXTOxytocinRate it:
OXYOxygenRate it:
OYCEOutstanding Young Chemical EngineerRate it:
OYCEOutstanding Young Chemical EngineersRate it:
OZGOZone GeneratorRate it:
OZMOZone MachineRate it:
OZROZone bottle RinserRate it:
OZTOZone TesterRate it:
OZWOzonized WaterRate it:
PPhosphorusRate it:
PPressureRate it:

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