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Chemistry Abbreviations

Browse 3,474 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Chemistry terminology and jargon.

pKCovalent Disassociation ConstantRate it:
PLPhoto LuminscenceRate it:
PLAPolymerized Lactic AcidRate it:
PLCPhosphoLipase-CRate it:
PLGAPolyLactide Glycolic AcidRate it:
PLGApolylactic-co-glycolic acidRate it:
PLGApoly(lactic-co-glycolic acid)Rate it:
PLPPeriodate Lysine ParaformaldehydeRate it:
PLXPicatinny Liquid ExplosiveRate it:
PmproactiniumRate it:
PmPromethiumRate it:
PMAPhenyl Mercury AcetateRate it:
PMAPhorbol Myristate AcetateRate it:
PMCPercent Modern CarbonRate it:
PMgPotentiated MagnesiumRate it:
PMMApolymethylmethacrylateRate it:
PMNLead-Magnesium-Niobium (Pb-Mg-Nb)Rate it:
PMOPolyMethylene OxideRate it:
PMUBPromethium, Uranium, BoronRate it:
PNPressure NominalRate it:
PNAP-Nitro-AnilideRate it:
PNAPositive/Negative AnomalyRate it:
PNGPipeline Natural GasRate it:
pNPp-NitroPhenol (C6H5NO3)Rate it:
PNPAPolyNucleotide Phosphorylase ARate it:

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