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VAMValid Analytical Measurement    
VAPVolume Accumulation Percent    
VAVVariable Air Volume    
VBVacuum Breaker    
VBValence Band    
VBGQVacuum- Brazed Gas- Quenched    
VBJVacuum Bell Jar    
VBTValence Bond Theory    
VCViscous Coupled    
VCAVirtual Crystal Approximation    
VCEVapor Cloud Explosion    
VCMVinyl Chloride Monomer    
VCSELVertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser    
VdVolume Distribution    
VDAVisual Data Analysis    
VDBVanDyke Brown test    
VDWVan der Waals radii of atoms    
VDZValence Double Zeta    
VELDValence Electron Localization Degree    
VEQEquilibrium Volume    
VEQEQuivalence point Volume    
VETVsp Extracted Traces    
VFnVertical Face n (n = face number)    
VHHVolatile Halogenated Hydrocarbon    

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