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Chemistry Abbreviations

Browse 3,474 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Chemistry terminology and jargon.

PPGIPre-Painted Galvanized IronRate it:
PPMPollution of Pure MaterialsRate it:
ppmparts per millionRate it:
PPOPolyPhenolic OxidaseRate it:
PPRPolypropylene pipesRate it:
PPTParts Per TrillionRate it:
PPTPrecipitateRate it: per thousandRate it:
PPVCPlasticised Polyvinyl ChlorideRate it:
PQLPractical Quantitation LimitRate it:
PQQPyrrolo- Quinoline QuinoneRate it:
PrPraseodymiumRate it:
PRPressure ReferenceRate it:
pr5Potasium Robudium FiveRate it:
PRODUCT: something that is made or grown to be sold or used : something that is the result of a process : someone or something that is produced or influenced by a particular environment or experienceRate it:
PRPPPhosphoribosyl pyrophosphateRate it:
PRTPrecomputed Radiance TransferRate it:
PRVPressure Release ValveRate it:
PSCTPolymer-Stabilized Cholesteric TexturedRate it:
PSDParticle Size DistributionRate it:
PSDAPuget Sound Dahlia AssociationRate it:
PSIPounds per Square InchRate it:
PSNPre Sidedress NitrateRate it:
PSRPressure State ResponseRate it:
PSSCProgress in Solid State ChemistryRate it:

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