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PTPPost-Tetanic PotentiationRate it:
PTPCPermeability Transition Pore ComplexRate it:
PtPdPlatinum and PalladiumRate it:
PuPlutoniumRate it:
PUCSPenn Undergraduate Chemistry SocietyRate it:
PUCSPrinceton Undergraduate Chemistry SocietyRate it:
PUFA(s)polyunsaturated fatty acid(s)Rate it:
PUSHPrevent Unnecessary Spending And HazardsRate it:
PVPressure VolumeRate it:
PVPore VolumeRate it:
PVBProjected Valence BondRate it:
PVBPressure Vacuum BreakerRate it:
PVCPartial Volume ConcentrationRate it:
PVCPressure Velocity CorrectionRate it:
PVCPolyVinyl ChlorideRate it:
PVDPressure Vapor DepositRate it:
PVDPhysical Vapor DepositionRate it:
PVLPressure Vacuum LevelRate it:
PVTPressure, Volume, and TemperatureRate it:
PWVPressurized Water VaporRate it:
PXYPara-XYleneRate it:
PYOPhenazine PYOcyaninRate it:
PYTAPyridyl triazoleRate it:
PZMPressure Zone MicrophoneRate it:
PZTLead Zirconium TitanateRate it:

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