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Colors Abbreviations

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WRWhite RoseRate it:
WRWhite ReferenceRate it:
WRBWorld Rally BlueRate it:
WSWhite StripeRate it:
WTWhite TopRate it:
WTWhiteRate it:
WTBWhite Tint BaseRate it:
WTGYWhite-GrayRate it:
WWWinter WhiteRate it:
WWPKWhite With PinkRate it:
WYORWhite, Yellow, Orange, RedRate it:
WYRWhite body with Yellow and Red stripesRate it:
XBXtra BrightRate it:
YCYellow ChromateRate it:
YCbCrY′ is the luma component and CB and CR are the blue-difference and red-difference chroma components.Rate it:
YEYellow EdgeRate it:
YELYellowRate it:
YGBYellow, Green, and BlueRate it:
YGEYellow Green EarthRate it:
YIYellowness IndexRate it:
YLYellowRate it:
YMCYellow, Magenta, and CyanRate it:
YOYYellow Orange YellowRate it:
YRYellow RedRate it:
YwyellowRate it:

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