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Colors Abbreviations

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JGJust GoldRate it:
KBKettle BlackRate it:
KBCKandy Base CoatRate it:
LLuminova (pigment)Rate it:
LBLemon BlueRate it:
LBLight BlueRate it:
Lbelight blueRate it:
Lbnlight brownRate it:
LCLight ContourRate it:
LCHLightness Chroma HueRate it:
LGLiouville GreenRate it:
LGLight GreenRate it:
Lgnlight greenRate it:
Lgylight grayRate it:
LLRLife Long RedRate it:
Loelight orangeRate it:
LPLevel PaletteRate it:
Lpelight purpleRate it:
LRLandranger RedRate it:
Lrdlight redRate it:
LRVLight Reflectance ValueRate it:
LSLighting ShaderRate it:
Lvtlight violetRate it:
LWLilly WhiteRate it:
Lywlight yellowRate it:

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