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BSBDBaltic Sea Bathymetry DatabaseRate it:
BSTBeacon Service TableRate it:
BTXBildschirmtextRate it:
BYOLBring-Your-Own-License (Oracle)Rate it:
BZbzip2, an algorithm for data compressionRate it:
CACDCartography of American Colonization DatabaseRate it:
CADICms Analysis Database InterfaceRate it:
CADPCoalition Against Database PiracyRate it:
CAFSContent Addressable File StoreRate it:
CAIComputer-Aided IndexingRate it:
CAPConsistency, Availability, and PartitionRate it:
CARTCMS Abstraction and Reporting ToolRate it:
CBDSCommon Basic Data SetRate it:
CBDSContent-Based Data StoreRate it:
CBMDCoordinated Bird Monitoring DatabaseRate it:
CBRContent-Based RetrievalRate it:
CBRDCommercial Buildings Resource DatabaseRate it:
CBUCommunications Billing & Usage DatabaseRate it:
CCDCell Copying DatabaseRate it:
CCEConnection Control EntryRate it:
CCEDCalifornia Conservation Easement DatabaseRate it:
CCEDClergy of the Church of England DatabaseRate it:
CCGDCandidate Cancer Gene DatabaseRate it:
CCIDChemical Classification and Information DatabaseRate it:
CDCached DataRate it:

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