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EULAEnd User License Agreement    
EXIFExchangeable Image File    
FADTFixed Acpi Description Table    
FCFibre Channel    
FCPFibre Channel Protocol    
FCPFunction Control Protocol    
FDCFloppy Disk Controller    
FDOFunctional Device Object    
FFACSFirmware Acpi Control Structure    
FIRFast Infrared    
FISFrame Information Structure    
FMFrequency Modulation    
FQDNFully Qualified Domain Name    
FSFile System    
FSFull Scale    
FSCTLFile System Control    
FUAForce Unit Access    
GARTGraphics Address Remapping Table    
GDIGraphics Device Interface    
GDTGlobal Descriptor Table    
GFXGlobal Effects    
GMOGuest Memory Operation    
GPAGuest Physical Address    
GPADLGuest Physical Address Descriptor List    
GPDPTGuest Page Directory Pointer Table    

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