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Electronics Abbreviations

Browse 7,318 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Electronics terminology and jargon.

PEMFDPulsed Electro-Magnetic Field DeviceRate it:
PEMUPolyElectrolyte MUltilayer filmRate it:
PENPeriodic Electronic NewsletterRate it:
PEPPeak Envelope PowerRate it:
PEPPsychoanalytic Electronic PublishingRate it:
PEPBPrinceton Electric Plant BoardRate it:
PEPIPortage ElectricRate it:
PEPPPennsylvania Electronic Payment ProgramRate it:
PEPPERProgram for Evaluating Payment Patterns Electronic ReportRate it:
PEQParametric EQualizerRate it:
PERCPolaris Electronic Reverse ControlRate it:
PERCProgrammable Electrical Rule CheckingRate it:
PERMPre-Embossed Rigid MagneticRate it:
PERTProgram Evaluation and Review TechniqueRate it:
PERTParallel Element Reliability TestRate it:
PERTProperties Electronic Rent TransferRate it:
PESPhoto-Electron SpectroscopyRate it:
PESPulaski Electric SystemRate it:
PESPassion Electric StreetRate it:
PESAPassive Electronically Scanned ArrayRate it:
PESSProgrammable Electronic Sub SystemsRate it:
PETPost-Etch TreatmentRate it:
PETPersonal Electronic TransactorRate it:
PETEOSPlasma-Enhanced TetraEthylOSilicateRate it:
PEUPower Electronics UnitRate it:

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