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Electronics Abbreviations

Browse 7,227 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Electronics terminology and jargon.

PRDDOPartial Retention of Diatomic Differential OverlapRate it:
PREPitting Resistance EquivalenceRate it:
PRELPower Refrigeration And Electrical LaboratoryRate it:
PRENPitting Resistance Equivalence NumberRate it:
PRIPulse Repetition IntervalRate it:
PRLPhysical Review LettersRate it:
PRMLPartial Response Maximum LikelihoodRate it:
PRNPseudo-Random NoiseRate it:
PROGProgressionRate it:
PROMProgrammable Read-Only MemoryRate it:
PRSPseudo-Random SequenceRate it:
PRSCParametric Response Surface ControlRate it:
PRTPlanar Resistor TechnologyRate it:
PRTPlatinum Resistance ThermometerRate it:
PRTPurge Resonance TechnologyRate it:
PRTPPrivate Rate of Time PreferenceRate it:
PSPorous SiliconRate it:
PSPulse ShapingRate it:
PSPolar StereographicRate it:
PSPulse ShapeRate it:
PSAProgrammable Switch ArrayRate it:
PSBPhase Shifting BlankRate it:
PSCPorous Silicon CapacitorRate it:
PSCPower Supply ControllerRate it:
PSCPermanent Split CapacitorRate it:

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