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TVSTriangular Voltage SweepRate it:
TVSSTransient Voltage Surge SuppressionRate it:
TVSWTime Variant Spectral WhiteningRate it:
TWTechnical WritingRate it:
TWThin WallRate it:
TWATime Weighted AverageRate it:
TWAINTechnology Without Any Interesting NameRate it:
TWGTechnical Working GroupRate it:
TWHTeraWatt HoursRate it:
TWSTravelling Wave SystemRate it:
TWTTravelling Wave TubeRate it:
TWVThrough-Wafer ViaRate it:
TXRFTotal X-Ray FluorescenceRate it:
TZTransmission ZeroRate it:
TZMTantalum-Zirconium-MolybdenumRate it:
TZPTime Zero PulseRate it:
TZVTetra-Zolium VioletRate it:
TZXSilicon Epitaxial Planar Z-DiodeRate it:
UIntegrated circuit (circuit diagram marking)Rate it:
U/SUltraSonicRate it:
uAmicroAmpereRate it:
UARTUniversal Asynchronous Receiver/TransmitterRate it:
UATUniversal Access TransceiverRate it:
UATUltra-Advanced TechnologyRate it:
UATAUltra-Advanced Technology AttachmentRate it:

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