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Electronics Abbreviations

Browse 7,224 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Electronics terminology and jargon.

PVPeak To ValleyRate it:
PVPulsed VerticalRate it:
PVPower VoltageRate it:
PVphotovoltaicRate it:
PVPhotovoltaic(s)Rate it:
PVAPolyVinylAcetateRate it:
PVDPhysical Vapor DepositionRate it:
PVDFPolyVinyliDeneFluorideRate it:
PVEPowell Valley ElectricRate it:
PVGPhotoVoltaic GlazeRate it:
PVIPlatinum Vapor InjectorRate it:
PVMPiezo Viscoelastic MaterialRate it:
PVPPersonal Video PlayersRate it:
PVRPulse Volume RecorderRate it:
PVUSAPhoto-Voltaics for Utility Systems ApplicationsRate it:
PWPulse WidthRate it:
PWPeak WidthRate it:
PWPressure WaveRate it:
PWAPrinted Wiring AssemblyRate it:
PWBPrinted Wiring BoardRate it:
PWCPulse Width ControlRate it:
PWDPulse Width DeviationRate it:
PWEPseudo Wire EmulationRate it:
PWHPrototype Wave HeightRate it:
PWJPrinted Wiring JunctionRate it:

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