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Electronics Abbreviations

Browse 7,229 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Electronics terminology and jargon.

RBResistance BarrierRate it:
RBRubberized BaseRate it:
RBRechargable BatteryRate it:
RBBBase Sheet ResistanceRate it:
RBBReverse Body BiasRate it:
RBDReliability Block DiagramRate it:
RBLRelay Black ListRate it:
RBOCRotating Broad Oscillating CoilRate it:
RBSOAReverse Bias Safe Operating AreaRate it:
RBWResolution BandWidthRate it:
RCResistor-CapacitorRate it:
RCRemote ControlRate it:
RCRecursive ControlRate it:
RCARolling Circle AmplificationRate it:
RCARadio Corporation of AmericaRate it:
RCBResidual Circuit BreakerRate it:
RCBOResidual current Circuit Breaker with Overcurrent protectionRate it:
RCCBResidual Current Circuit BreakerRate it:
RCDResidual Current DeviceRate it:
RCDRemote Control DeviceRate it:
RCFRemote Control FieldRate it:
RCFRoller Cam FollowerRate it:
RCHRGRechargeRate it:
RCHRGBLRechargeableRate it:
RCIRemote Control InterfaceRate it:

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